The wider objective of PALIB is to enhance the capacity building of high education in terms of widening literature resources of Palestinian students, academicians, and researchers by building a cross-platform that has two main goals/gates.

  1.  To connect all library digital items of local universities and centres together.
  2. To build a research gate for Palestinian universities that is customizable with respect to different research aspects.



PALIB considers the following objectives to be achieved when this project is deployed:

  1. Enhancing the infrastructure of local libraries in Palestine, including libraries in universities and other society-based libraries.
  2. Providing large-scale database for students and researchers.
  3. Enhancing the ground of the research development in Palestine.
  4. Providing a sustainable platform to incrementally increase the library items on the database.
  5. Transforming the European experience on building such databases.




  1. Students can take advantage of the deployed portals to access books, library items, and journals using their own credentials.
  2. Researchers will be able to build national-wise research network and take advantage of published journals and profile to easily access the research items.
  3. open-to-join concept of this project is provided: any local library can join by applying the portal system design to their own systems.
  4. resource sharing: universities benefit from each other.
  5. the librarians and university staff will be supported with the required competencies by transforming the EU experience to them.