UCAS organized a virtual workshop to address the “Current Status Evaluation for digital library and scientific research services” within Erasmus+ project (PaLib)


On 19th October 2020, University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) organized virtual workshop entitled “Current Status Evaluation for digital library and scientific research serviceswithin the Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE project: Palestinian Research and Library Platform (PaLib). The workshop aimed to make a collective evaluation for both digital library and scientific research services in Palestine.

Participants and representatives from the local universities, Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) in Palestine as well as the partner institution in EU attended the workshop using Google Meet due to the unprecedented situation of Covid19.


The project coordinator, Dr. Ahmed AlDahdooh started the first session outlining the

outputs of Work Package1 and its role in evaluating the digital capacity of local libraries and research centers in terms of supporting research-based activities.

Prof. Anna Tozzi from UNIVAQ - Italy highlighted the instrument adapted in developing the questionnaires and need assessment methodology that considered using a descriptive methodology by developing 4 questionnaires targeted to digital library users and service providers, as well as the research repositories users and service providers.


In term of questionnaires analysis, AlDahdooh presented the results that illustrated the currents status of digital library and scientific research development and management from the perspective of the users and service providers. AlDahdooh emphased on the importance of the workshops’ outcomes in laying the basis for the next phase of the project that includes developing capacity building training to analyse and design the joint platform.


The workshop closed with an open discussion that entrained recommendations to develop and upgrade the systems in a way that matches users ‘ expectations and needs. Moreover, the successful quality indicators for research repositories should be deployed in designing a national Palestinian research repository. In the same context, a capacity building for researchers, both students and staff should be done efficiently and effectively.