Palib held a coordination meeting to discuss WP4 work plan


Led by IUG team, Palib held a coordination meeting to discuss the work plan of work package 4 entitled “Building the Palestinian Library Portal”. The meeting has brought together all project partners at Palestinian and EU universities via Google Meet.

IUG’s team member, Dr. Rawia Radi, inaugurated the meeting by introducing WP4 and the key objectives of the work package. Dr. Radi stressed that the foreseen portal will link universities’ library systems at Palestinian partner universities in order to make the content accessible and searchable through a single entry point.  As a leader of WP4, IUG will ensure the proper and timely execution and submission of deliverables in line with the work plan.

The work plan has included many tasks where a task leader has been assigned for each.  Task leaders will be responsible for the technical coordination of the activities of all partners and stakeholders within the task based on the respective task work plan and in coordination with IUG team, WP4 leader in the project.

The meeting had included fruitful discussion between project partners over the best route to go through to ensure proper implementation of the WP4 and its associated tasks. The participants have also agreed on the tasks activities, other task participants, time frame of each and the key deliverables