A Memorable Opening Ceremony For UCAS Central Library


On September 7, the Director of NEO Palestine, Dr. Nedal Jayousi; UCAS president, Dr. Saeed Al Zibdeh; Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Tamer Eshtawi and Vice President of Planning and External Relations Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Mushtaha inaugurated the Central Library at UCAS in a memorable opening ceremony. The library has been refurbished recently and developed during the implementation of the PALIB project.

Dr. Akram Radwan, a key staff at PaLib and the responsible of WP5: Building scientific research portal, talked in details on the process of developing the e-library and scientific research portals which have be undertaken by developing team for analysis, design, implementation of the system with the up-to-date developing tools and finally testing the portals

Dr. Akram declared that once finishing these WPs, two main outputs will be identified for each portal: a portal system and a system interface that allows other local institutions to join the portal and interact to ensure its sustainability.