UCAS conducted the first quality meeting within PALIB project


PALIB management team at University College of Applied Sciences-UCAS conducted the first quality meeting for the project with University Colleges of Merit-ARCES on Monday, 11 May, 2020..

Dr. Ahmed Aldahdouh, PALIB project manager, and Mr. Hatem Sultan, international relations staff member at UCAS participated via ZOOM tool in an online meeting with Mr. Alessandro Pernice and Mr. Simone Marsala team from ARCES; the leader partner for Quality Plan WP.

During the meeting Mr. Pernice and Marsala present the first draft of quality plan for PALIB project. Participants discussed the key elements of the plan and contribute to it. Participants also discussed the quality questionnaire sent by the National Erasmus Office in Palestine to PALIB management to follow up the project.

Participants agree to share the first draft of the plan with project partners in order to keep them updated and follow the quality guidelines during project implementation.

It is worth mentioning that UCAS had won a Palestinian Research and Library Platform-PALIB project funded by the European Union through ERASMUS program with total fund of 810,522.00 (EUR) . This project aims to enhance the capacity building of high education in terms of widening literature resources of Palestinian students, academicians, and researchers by building a cross-platform connects all library digital items of local universities and build a research gate for Palestinian universities that is customizable with respect to different research aspects.